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Osgood & Associates P.C. was founded in 2001 with a singular purpose, to provide holistic financial services to our global client base. With that in mind, we’ve built a robust team of specialists who are experts in their fields. We have tax, insurance, financial planning, and retirement specialists in-house and at your disposal. Together, we are your personal CFO helping you to achieve optimal financial health in every area and every stage of your life. 

Our comprehensive approach to your financial well-being affords you the ability to use a single firm for every part of your financial life. From business and individual taxes to investment services, from retirement planning to estate, trust, and gift planning, from insurance planning to risk management our team of specialists works together to provide you with a full-service financial plan as unique as you are.

We realize each client is different, and our team’s depth and breadth give us the ability to consistently deliver superior service, solutions, and results. Our tried and true philosophy has not changed over time; rather, we have further enhanced our capabilities by retaining new personnel with diverse backgrounds and experience.

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<b>Our Team</b>

Our Team

We pride ourselves on being able to bring a team to the table who can address all your financial needs.

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<strong>Tax Services</strong>

Tax Services

Our global expertise in tax consulting and compliance sets us apart from your average accountant and enables us to minimize your tax liabilities in a multitude of ways. With a wealth of experience, we are able to tackle even the most difficult tax scenarios.

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<strong>Wealth Management Services</strong>

Wealth Management Services

Our vision for our clients is complete financial security. We do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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<b>Who We Are&#160;</b>

Who We Are 

Although our primary service area is Houston, TX, and the surrounding urban areas, we serve clients worldwide. We are driven by the reward of developing deep relationships with our clients over time. Being intimately familiar with our clients and their unique circumstances gives us the ability to deliver proactive planning on a higher level than most financial planning or accounting firms.

<strong>Solving Your Financial Puzzle</strong>

Solving Your Financial Puzzle

There are so many components to our financial life it takes time, patience, awareness, and perseverance to fit all the pieces together into a cohesive picture. At Osgood & Associates P.C. our team of specially trained experts works together to create a financial strategy unique to you and your needs.

The Path to Financial Security

The Path to Financial Security

Life is complicated. Demands and responsibilities come at us from all directions and shape not only our lives but our financial security. The challenge is finding the time to make sure our financial strategies are aligned with our goals and objectives. We are your partner on the path to financial security. As your guide, we help you define your goals and implement solutions to make the path effortless on your part.

Take the first step on your path to financial security with us.

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