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Our Company

Being responsive is our code. We want every client to feel that we are an invaluable asset in their lives and that they can confidently entrust their financial well-being to the team at Osgood & Associates P.C.

Our Commitment

We have a singular purpose: to provide holistic financial services to our global client base. We are not simply your accountant, your advisor, or your insurance agent. Our best-in-class financial services are powered by our team of subject matter experts made up of Certified Financial Planners (CFP), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), and Personal Financial Specialists (CPA/PFS). You do not just work with a single person at Osgood & Associates P.C., you work with the entire team who provides you with complete, customized, and transparent financial guidance. It is not only our responsibility to do everything we can to make your financial journey a simple one, but it is also our legal fiduciary duty to put your interests above our own.

Our Principles

The foundation of our practice is built on consistent client education and communication. We use all resources available to proactively educate you and assist you in adapting to changes in your life as well as the investment, tax, and insurance industries.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built on getting to know every aspect of who you are which enables us to be a true fiduciary and advocate for you.  We get to know you, your current financial situation, your goals and dreams, and what you need to experience true financial security.

Experience the Osgood & Associates P.C. difference.